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Mobile Applications

Fleeting Image develops mobile applications for the iPhone that are publicly available on the iPhone App Store. We also develop proprietary enterprise applications that are available to employees and clients.

ball compass icon BallCompass is a 3D compass application. It is available here.

The orientation of the compass ball is based on gravity and the magnetic field surrounding the phone. It is similar in behavior to the fluid filled ball compasses available for car dashboards.

On devices with a built-in compass, like the iPhone 3GS, the compass is a real-time active ball compass.

BallCompass works best on compass-enabled iPhones. For older model phones, GPS location information updates the display based on the current direction of travel. (It will take a few seconds of traveling to detect the present course.)

For information or questions about BallCompass, please contact support at: ballcompass@fleetingimage.com.

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